How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (and also Photos, music & apps)

How to How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (and also Photos, music...

How to transfer contacts, photos, music, and apps from android to iPhone?

If you’re a long time android user and want to switch to the iPhone (or iPad) or just want to use an iPhone as a secondary device, you may want to transfer everything from your Android device to iPhone such as contacts, photos, music, and apps.

Luckily, it is not so difficult because apple itself has an app on the Google play store to help you transfer everything from Android and iOS.

Apple’s move to iOS app will help you transfer contacts, web bookmarks, message history, mail accounts, calendars, Camera photos and videos and free apps over Wi-Fi (Transferring apps will download an Android version of the same app if it is available on the google play store, if not the app won’t be downloaded. Moreover, this won’t transfer paid apps since you have to pay separately on the play store for the app to be downloaded. But most of the apps will take you’re in-app purchase from one platform to another.)

While the Move to iOS app transfers almost everything, you can use google account to transfer contacts and photos online. But this needs a working network connection but Apple’s method doesn’t.

Additionally, third-party apps can also help you transfer everything from Android to iPhone.

Move to iOS

how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone
Image Credit: Apple

Move to iOS is an official tool by apple to transfer everything from Android to iPhone over Wi-Fi. To begin, first, download the app from Google Play Store. While transferring, the iPhone will create a private Wi-Fi network so make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on in your Android device. In the setup screen on iPhone, tap Move Data from Android and wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code.

Open the app on Android and tap Continue and tap Agree. Finally, Tap next and enter the code that your iPhone is generated. Now choose the data you want to migrate including contacts, photos and more and tap next. Now all the data you have selected will be transferred from Android to iPhone but it may take some time depending on the data you have.

After the successful migration, you will be taken to the iPhone home screen. The apps will now be downloaded in the background (As I said before, paid apps won’t be downloaded unless it’s been downloaded manually).

Note that this method only works while setting up the iPhone. If you’re already done setting up, you need to reset and erase the iPhone to get back to the setup screen.

How to transfer contacts and photos from Android to iPhone using a Google account?


Unlike Apple, Google allows you to sync contacts over cross-platform. To use this feature, you should enable synchronization of the contacts on your Android.

To do so, go to Settings and tap Accounts and Backups. Tap Accounts and Choose the account you want the contacts to be synced and tap sync account and make sure that contacts have been checked (This method works on Samsung Galaxy devices; other Android phones may slightly vary with the process)

On your iPhone, go to Settings and tap Passwords and Accounts. Enter your Gmail account and password and you are done with the process. Make sure that the contacts have been checked.


To transfer Photos, you need the Google Photos app on both of your devices. Download the app from the Play Store and App Store.

On your android device, enable Backup and Sync and the entire photos and videos on your device will be backed up to your Google account. It may take some time depending on your photos and videos. Make sure that you have enough storage on your account or else the backup will be paused.

On your iPhone or iPad, open Google Photos app and entire your Google account. That’s it and all of your photos and videos will be downloaded.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone using a third-party app (Syncios)?

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone
Image Credit: Syncios

Syncios will transfer everything from Android to iPhone using PC or Mac with USB. It supports the transfer of Contacts, Photos, Videos, Audios, Bookmarks and even call logs.

Download the software from Syncios official website to your PC or Mac and install it. Open the app and connect your Android and iPhone to the PC via USB. Wait for the app to detect both of your phones.

Make sure that your Android Phone is on the left and the iPhone is on the right. If not, click the flip switch in the middle to change it.

Other ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Sim Card

Using Sim Card to transfer the contacts is an old method but still, a simple and effective way to do so. While your Sim Card is on Android, backup your contacts to the Sim Card.

On your Andriod phone, go to Contacts and tap three lines at the top left to bring up options. Scroll down and tap Manage Contacts. Hit Import/export contacts. Tap Export under Export contacts option. This will export all your contacts to the Sim Card. (This method works on Samsung Galaxy devices, other android phones may slightly vary with the process)

On your iPhone, go to Settings and tap contacts. Choose import Sim Contacts and all of your contacts saved on your Sim Card will be imported to your iPhone (Make sure that the Sim Card is on the iPhone)

Vcard File

Vcard files transfer is an alternative method of Sim Card transfer. You may see other options while exporting to a sim card such as exporting to internal storage or SD card. Choose either of the options and continue with the process.

Now send the exported file to the iPhone and open it. The iPhone will prompt you to import the contacts and tap ok to start importing the contacts.


Apple is weak with the portability option when it comes to integrating with other platforms but it’s opposite if you’re in an Apple Ecosystem.

With these methods, its very simple to transfer your contacts and other stuff from Android and iPhone.

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