How to Send a Group Text Message on iPhone

How to How to Send a Group Text Message on iPhone

How To Send A Mass Text Message From iPhone

You often need to send bulk messages to masses for your personal requirement, business promotions, offer announcements and many other important revelations.

During such times, typing each message personally is not practical. It is also not possible to create groups and add everyone as many would-be strangers and unknown to you. To make your task easier, you can send mass text messages from the web using your iPhone.

The iPhone is one of the most loved smartphone brands in the world and those who start using it find it difficult to shift to another brand. To send bulk messages to a group of people is easy with an iPhone.

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The iPhone Messages app is very easy to use and has an integrated feature of sending mass text messages. The group text works regardless of whether the recipients have an iMessage app or not.

If they do not have an iPhone, they can easily receive the messages on their SMS texts. But the iMessage users will also have an advantage of a few more additional features than the others.

Here is how you can send a mass text message or an iMessage from an iPhone:

  • Open the Messages app in your iOS.
  • Tap on the ‘new composition button’ in the upper right corner.
  • Tap into the ‘To’ field and enter the number or contact of the first recipient.
  • Next, tap the (+) button to add more contacts or recipients from your contact list, one by one. You can add as many contacts as you want and you also have the option of entering new phone numbers here, if you don’t have them saved in your contact list.
  • Type and send the text message. This message will be sent as a group iMessage or a group SMS text to the recipients depending upon their contacts service.

Carrier Charges

Sending a mass iMessage is free of cost to other iMessage recipients, but when you are sending mass texts with SMS, your carrier may charge you. Some cell carriers’ fees wrap a single group text and count it as one message only, but some do not and you might be charged according to the number of recipients.

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If the message is not transmitted through the Apple iMessage protocol, then receiving replies will be counted against your standard tariffs for texting plans.


A group chatting with other iPhone users can easily use the blue-bubble iMessage feature, but if a group is chatting with Android and Windows Phone users, you will need to see the green text chat bubble, which indicates SMS.

The iMessage feature works with all the versions of iOS, although it might look different depending upon the version installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The older the version of iOS, the fewer options you will have with your iMessage feature. Very old versions of iOS had to have group texting manually enabled, although, in the latest versions, it comes as a default feature.

The iMessage users on modern iPhone devices also have the advantage of many new group chat features. One such feature is the ‘Bulk text’, in which you can easily create a group conversation thread and have the experience of a chat room.

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Sending Bulk Messages Without Having to Individually Add Contacts

Sending bulk messages from iPhone to a contact group can be time-consuming. While sending an SMS message, iPhone users need to select and add each contact to the recipient list. You cannot create contact groups or links to external contacts stored in another device.

To overcome these time-consuming problems, you can also install bulk SMS messaging applications. Such tools can easily send mass texts as it allows you to manage time effectively and also allows users to link to external contact lists.

One such tool is the BulkSMS app. There are many such bulk messaging software that allows you to easily send bulk messages from your iOS device. These tools easily integrate with iPhone contacts and enable easy forwarding and replying to text messages.

You can also manage your contact groups easily using such software. With the advancement in technology, each and every time-consuming task is being worked upon and made short and easy and sending bulk messages is now easy and quick.

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