How to Block a Number on iPhone: Block, Unblock or Silence Call

How to How to Block a Number on iPhone: Block, Unblock or Silence Call

Spam and unwanted calls that annoy the user is increasing day by day. To keep these callers at bay, apple allows the user to block certain numbers to prevent them from calling or texting. Using this feature, it’s possible to block someone personally whom you would like to and block them from contacting you.

How to block a single number on iPhones?

To block single or multiple contacts or numbers, you need to add them to the block list on your iPhone. There are two types of blocking to fill the two respective situations. One is to block a number that is already in contact and another is to block a number that is not in the contact, probably a number on the recent calls list(this helps in restricting a number easily without adding them to contacts).

  1. Go to the Phone app and tap Recent (If you wish to block a recent caller)or Contacts (if you wish to block a single contact)
  2. Tap the i button near the number you want to block
  3. At the bottom, you will find Block this Caller option
  4. Tap it and you will be prompted to confirm blocking the number
  5. Tap Block Contact to add the caller to the block list

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How to block Mulitple numbers on iPhones?

Using this method, multiple contacts can be blocked in a single attempt. This helps in adding a group of numbers to the block list.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Phone
  2. Find and tap Call Blocking and Identification (Blocked Contacts in newer iOS devices)
  3. Tap Block Contacts and all the contacts saved on your iPhone will be displayed
  4. Tap the Contacts you want to block and tap Done

The selected contacts will be added to the block list.

How to unblock a number on iPhone?

If you have accidentally blocked someone or you no longer want a contact blocked, you need to remove them from the block list. Removing the number will revert the impact caused by blocking.

The process is the same as restricting the contact but with some minor changes at the final steps. To unblock a contact or number, follow the below steps

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To unblock a group of contacts,

  1. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking and Identification (Blocked Contacts in newer iOS devices)
  2. All the blocked contacts will be displayed. To remove them from the list, tap the Edit option from the top right corner and tap the Red icon near the contacts you want to unblock.
  3. Tap Done and the contact will be unblocked

To unblock a single contact,

  1. Go to the Phone app and search for the contact you want to unblock (Either by searching in the search field on the contacts section or finding in the recent call logs if the blocked contact is still available)
  2. Tap the i button near the number you want to unblock
  3. Tap Unblock this Caller at the bottom and the number will be removed from the block list.

In case if you find Block this caller instead of Unblock this caller, then the number is already unblocked or it never really blocked.

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What happens when you block a number?

Blocking a number on iPhone doesn’t prevent them from contacting the user using third-party apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook. But it puts a barrier, blocking all the communication of iPhone’s primary and default methods.

The blocked person can’t reach you by iMessage, Phone calls, and Facetime. If the blocked person tries to phone call you, it will automatically be sent to voicemail. However, it won’t show up in the regular message but can be accessed by scrolling all the way down and tapping Blocked Messages.

While this sends the call to voicemail, the blocked user will be notified (Notified in the sense, the user will hear a unusual ring while the call is bieng sent to the voicemail) that the call is sent to the voicemail. This is probably the only way that the blocked person knows that they have been blocked. If the blocked person Facetime you, the call will simply ring forever but nothing happens on the receiving end.

How to Silence unknown calls on iPhone?

Unknown calls are the calls that are received from the person who is not in the contact. Silencing unknown callers will put them in the silence and the user will not hear them ring. This will also move them to the voice mail and the user can know that they got a call from an unknown number either by viewing the recent taps (because it is still listed there) or viewing the voicemail inbox (if they sent a voicemail).

  1. Go to the Settings app and tap Phone
  2. Find and tap the toggle switch to On in the Silent Unknown Callers section

Now all the calls from unknown peoples will be silenced.

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