How to Delete a YouTube Video in 2021

How to How to Delete a YouTube Video in 2021

How to delete a YouTube video?

Learn how to delete a YouTube video with simple steps. A way back, deleting YouTube videos was a difficult task to complete. Each and every video should be deleted separately with confirmation that makes the user annoying if he or she wants to delete multiple videos for some reason. But in 2020, YouTube made it easier to remove multiple videos at once. YouTube videos can either be deleted on a computer or a smartphone. Additionally, learn how to delete the YouTube playlist.

Things to consider before deleting the YouTube video:

There may be a lot of reasons to delete the YouTube videos but there are options to edit the uploaded video.

What can be edited after the video has been posted?

  • The video description and title
  • Trim the video
  • Thumbnail of the video
  • Cards of the video
  • Change the playlist
  • Tags  

If you’re deleting the video because of the above-mentioned issue, considering editing it before removing it. 

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How to delete the YouTube video from a computer?

1. Head over to the and log in to your account. After you successfully logged in, click the thumbnail icon of your account at the top right corner and click “Your channel”.

2. Then, click “YOUTUBE STUDIO”

How to delete a YouTube video

3. On YouTube studio, click “videos” below the dashboard on the left side panel.

How to delete a YouTube video

4. All the videos will now be displayed and select the videos you want to delete by clicking the tick box near the videos you want to be selected (or click the tick box at the top to select all the videos). Moreover, there will be two columns under channel videos. One is the uploads (Default landing page) and the other is live (where the live streams will be saved). To delete the stream, you can head over to that option.

5. Once you selected the videos, a new bar will appear at the top with more options. Select “More actions” and a drop-down will appear.

6. Click delete forever and tick “I understand that deleting is permanent, and can’t be undone” and click delete forever once again to delete the video permanently.

How to delete a YouTube video

How to delete YouTube videos from a smartphone?

1. Deleting video on mobile is as simple as deleting on the computer. All you need is the YouTube native app. Open the app (and log in if you haven’t already) and head over to your avatar on the top right corner and tap it.

2. On your account page, tap Your channel and this will bring all the details of your channel including your uploads, liked videos, and saved playlists.

3. Under Uploads, tap view all to open a list of all uploaded videos.

How to remove YouTube Video

4. Unfortunately, there is no option to select multiple videos to delete as we would do on a computer. Tap the three vertical dots near the video you want to be deleted and tap delete.

5. YouTube will ask you to confirm deleting the video. Tap Delete once again to remove the video from your channel.

How to delete a YouTube video

Once the video has been deleted, there is no way to recover it. So make sure that you know what you are doing. As mentioned before, always consider editing before removing the video. However, you can contact YouTube support to recover the video in case if it is very important but there is no guarantee that the video will be restored.

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How to delete a YouTube playlist?

1. Go to (and login to your account if you haven’t already).

2. Head over to the left side panel and find the playlist you want to delete and click it.

3. Tap the three horizontal dots under the playlist name and click Delete playlist.

4. Like deleting the video, YouTube will ask you to confirm removing the playlist. Tap Delete to delete the playlist permanently.

Note that deleting the playlist will not delete the videos. Videos must be deleted separately to completely remove it from your channel.

How to delete a video of someone?

Obviously, it’s not possible by you. In some cases, you may be featured in someone’s video and you want to take it down. First things first, contact the creator of the video by sending them a mail. The Email ID can be found on the about section of the channel. Send them a mail explaining your situation. If they haven’t responded, it’s time to contact YouTube.  

Visit YouTube’s reporting tool to legally take down the video. Once you visit the tool, there will be eight types of issues to report. In our cases, its privacy. So choose it and click continue. This will walk you through a six-step process. After successfully submitting the request, YouTube will take a look at the issue and should get back to you soon.

Before reporting, please read YouTube privacy guidelines. Note that false reporting may result in your account getting banned.

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