8 Best iPhone Games you must try in 2019 (Free & Paid)

iOS 8 Best iPhone Games you must try in 2019 (Free & Paid)

8 Best iPhone Games that every iPhone users must try

Gaming plays an important role for an iPhone user. Moreover, games for iPhones are well optimized.

Have ever searched for some mind blowing games on the app store but ends up with some boring games?

Here are the 8 best mind-blowing iPhone games that you should try immediately.

Some of them are editor choice choice too.


Oddmar is a gorgeous game from the developers of Leo’s fortune. It is one of the best game released for iOS and also an Editor’s choice game. The basic plot of the game is controlling a Viking who is looking to redeem himself to earn his place in Valhalla. You will go through 24 gorgeous levels which include puzzles and challenges. The average time to complete the game is around two and a half hours to three hours.

If you have played Leo’s fortune before, you might be familiar with the controls. Jumping can be done by using the right side of the screen and horizontal movement control is present on the left side of the screen. Overall its good game to kill time.

Price – $4.99

Download here

2.Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

8 Best iPhone games to kills time - Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

Faraway 4 is the 4th installment in the Faraway series. Faraway serious is the best room escape game ever built and the serious continues with version 4. The Fairway 4 takes places in an all-new environment with 20 levels and some of them are really challenging to compete.

The story plot is still the same as before but you can see improved graphics, game play and music from the previous version. You have to complete puzzles to unlock the portal to the next level. The game is free to download and you are allowed to play the game to a certain point (almost half of the game) and you are requested to purchase the game either in the packs of a chapter or the whole game at once(with a slight discount).

Price – Free

Download here

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3.Playdead’s INSIDE

Inside is one of the best iPhone games out there on app store. It is a dark themed puzzle plat-former and adventure game. The game sounds very quiet. The controls are really very simple. The player can jump, walk, run, swim, climb by swiping and holding. The player can also push objects to interact with them.

After reaching some point the boy gains an ability to control alive lifeless bodies to complete more challenging puzzle. This makes the game even more interesting. The game is also available on Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

Price – Free

Download here


8 Best iPhone games to kill time - Cosmobots

Cosmobot is a game where you play as a robot. You can control the robot to explore infinity universe. You have to jump from planet to planet with the help of gravity. And you must also avoid enemy obstacles to pass through the level without failing. Overall it’s a fun game to kill time.

Price – Free

Download here

5.Bacon Escape 2

In this game, your task is to save the pig from the evil factory. The controls are very simple, you just want to tap the screen to change the tracks or turn on or off the obstacles. You can also unlock different character as you progress.

Each one has a unique personality, costumes, and vehicles in thousands of combinations. Currently, there are three environments to play through, farmlands, volcanoes, and alien planets.

Price – Free

Download here


8 best iPhone games to kill time - Jaws.io

Jaws, the film that made a mark to Steven Spielberg. This game is directly connected to that film. In this game, you play as a hungry shark and you progress and becomes larger as you eat everything you find. This game is kind of similar to the game hungry shark. You have to eat everything you find on your way.

If you get killed, you will immediately play as a human and you should kill the shark. After you kill it, you will become the shark again. It keeps on cycling between human and shark until the time runs out. You can watch ads to unlock new boats and you can unlock sharks using the shark points you earn while playing.

Price – Free

Download here

7.Donut County

In Donut Country, you control a hole that swallows everything that fits the size of the hole. As you keep on swallowing, the hole becomes large. The challenge is that you can’t eat everything (uneatable moving objects makes it more competitive).

As the game progress, You have to combine two objects to activate some lever to further progress. Overall it’s a fun game to chill out time.

Price – $4.99

Download here

8.Bike unchained 2

Bike unchained 2 is a dirt bike racing game made by Red bull. The controls are a little bit easy. Pushing the screen makes the cycle to accelerate and releasing makes it pull the brakes. Tapping the screen repeatedly makes the player pedal the cycle to move faster while climbing the mountains. You have to win some events and collect cards which contain parts that are later used to upgrade the cycle.

Price – Free

Download here

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