Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which is better?

Apps Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which is better?

Apple Music VS Spotify

Both of these streaming services are great. In this article, we will compare both of these streaming giants. Comparision will be in the categories:

1. Which is better in terms of audio quality?

2. How many music or songs does each of them hold in their library?

3. How well does the search works in each of the platforms?

4. How easy the navigation and interface is?

5. How much data has been roughly consumed per minute?

6. How well the interaction with social media is?

7. Which is better in recommending a new song?

8. Comparison between its inbuilt radios

9. Limits and features of offline downloads, and finally

10. It’s pricing

Apple Music is an app that was presented in 2015 to compete directly against Spotify which was the first streaming music service in the world. Although at first, it seemed an impossible task, over the years this application has become a solid alternative to Spotify. In fact, in 2018 it exceeded the number of users in the United States.

Do you want to know which is the best option? In today’s post, we will show a comparison between Spotify and Apple Music. We will see what are their main differences, most outstanding features and the price they have.

Here is the comparison chart to get you started

Apple Music VS Spotify


One of the keys to Spotify’s success is its extensive library with more than 30 million songs. In addition, about 20,000 new ones are added every day. You can find virtually all the artists you like, although there are notable absences such as Taylor Swift, Drake or Katy Perry.

For its part, Apple Music currently has a catalog that exceeds 40 million songs. To highlight a large number of artists working exclusively with this platform. As is the case of the aforementioned Taylor Swift. In addition, any music you have on CD or in the iTunes Store will appear in the Apple Music library.

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The Search

Apple Music is not that good when it comes to search for music while Spotify provides instant results. This function allows users to find the music they want without having to write the full names of the songs and albums. In Spotify, clicking on the result will play the music directly. Apple Music only provides recommendations. Click on them and you can search for more music. But if you want to listen, you have to click again.

Interface and Navigation

Apple Music features a pure white look on the screen, while Spotify shows it black throughout its apps. Both of the themes are attractive and easy to navigate, along with main tabs (radio, search, your library and so on) found at the bottom of the interface.

Considering the song, Spotify holds animations and short videos that appear on full screen when you are listening. Both give you access to the lyrics on the screen if they are available for specific songs. But where Apple has an upper hand, as it gives you an option of searching the song by just lyrics if you don’t know or remember the name of the song.

Google Maps allows you to control Apple Music or Spotify playback within the navigation interface in iOS and as well as Andriod.

Waze offers the same feature to Spotify users.

Apple Music is available for Android now that works with Android Audio, so we can control the playback with the infotainment system.

You can also sync Apple Music with Macbooks as well as with Windows.

Data Consumption

As we all know Mobile Data capacity is limited and this is one of the reasons we need to compare the applications and opt the most suitable one with our data usage and overall phone performance. So, below we are going to discuss the data consuming process and figures of both apps.

Every minute of music on Spotify with a quality of 256 Kbps (expandable to 320 Kbps) is equivalent to a consumption of 1.92 MB. While in Apple Music (at 320 Kbps) it reaches up to 2.4 MB. Although a prior it seems little, when you have been listening to songs for hours this will make a huge difference. However, the two platforms allow you to lower the quality to 96 Kbps to save data.
You can also experience devices with higher Storage capacity through iPad Hire or iPad Rental services, as they give you the opportunity to fulfill your desire of experiencing these apps at least for a limited time, and you don’t have to manage space in your devices.

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Social networks

Back then, we didn’t have many mediums to share our likes, dislikes, activities or suggest our friends that what we like for them except when we get to meet or telling them verbally, but as time passes we have multiple mediums of sharing the whole content or activity, we are enjoying.

Spotify provides its users with the ability to follow friends through the Social Media function. To see what music they are listening to and their favorite artists. We can also share playlists and publish them on Facebook. However, there is no chat or message delivery system.

For its part, Apple Music has Connect, a feature that allows you to follow your favorite groups more closely. For example, having exclusive access to backstage videos or catching up on the latest news. We can also comment on the artists’ messages and upload them to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Audio Quality

Audiophiles always look for the best possible quality in a streaming service, so it is important to clarify the differences in acoustic quality in each service. For this we must consider two things; the audio format and the size of the data transfer per second, which is measured in kbps.

Regarding the type of data transfer we will find the following information:

Spotify: low quality – 24 kbps / normal quality – 96 kbps / high quality – 128 kbps / extreme quality – 320 kbps.

Apple Music: high quality – 256 kbps.

Even though, Spotify streams music in higher quality than apple music, we should not forget that Apple Music is streaming its audio on its own AAC Audio Codec.


Both applications have a similar interface. Spotify provides an interface of the same color for all the artists. But Apple Music will adapt the image of the artist. In addition, Spotify shows how many times the songs have been played.

Musical Discoveries

One of the great strengths of streaming music is that it allows us to meet new artists and songs continuously. Fortunately, both platforms have personalized recommendations that you surely love.

While in Spotify the tool is called “Discover”, where we can find artists, songs and albums based on our history of listenings and favorites, there are no recommended playlists, something that we can find in the “Explore” section, where you also have Styles and news. Also, Spotify knows what day we are and recommends us songs to endure a hard Monday or to prepare for a nightlight on Saturdays.

For its part, Apple has “For you” something similar to “Discover”, although the first time you use it you will have to answer several questions regarding your favorite styles and artists to start your search engine. In “For you” everything fits: songs, artists, albums, playlists … in addition, these lists in some cases have been prepared by experts such as those of Rolling Stone magazine. Finally, in Apple Music too we are able to explore music, lists, video clips, etc.

Both Apple Music and Spotify can mark whether or not we like their recommendations to make it more accurate next time. A technical tie.

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Both Apple and Spotify share the same radio functionality that allows us to choose an artist and create a radio station around it. In addition, with Apple Music, you can also choose an album or song for the platform algorithm to make a radio.

Apple Music has its own radio that broadcasts music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year called Beats1. This radio has three locations worldwide and is directed by DJs Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga. So wherever you are, the music will be the same on the radio.

Obviously, you will not always listen to the music you like. The apple takes another point for detail.

Workout modes

We see many people are addicted to listening to music while running, driving, cycling so both Apple Music and Spotify offer workout-themed playlists.

Spotify used to have built-in workout functions but has since offloaded some of those features to other apps. For instance, in smartphones with the appropriate sensors, Spotify can be connected with an app like Nike Plus, Run Keeper to automatically select a playlist that matches the user’s running tempo. It’s a unique feature for Spotify, and a comforting one for those who don’t want to plan out their music selection before they hit the track — unfortunately, it’s no longer natively supported in-app.

Offline downloads

Apple Music gives you permission to download music for offline playback across ten different devices simultaneously, without any limit to downloading capacity. Technically, the upper limit is 100,000 songs, but you would rarely pass that number unless you download every single available album on the app. Spotify lags in this area — with a recent update bumping the restriction up to 10,000 songs with up to five devices.


If you compare the audio quality of Spotify and Apple Music you will realize that they are almost at par. There is not much difference. So in the case of streaming quality, we would say that equal points go to both the service providers.


Both applications share an equal charge rate and offer a Premium version for 9.99 $ per month and a plan for students which costs $4.99 per month. Apple Music gives us 3 months of free subscription and discounts if we pay an annual fee. But Spotify has a free version with ads. If you don’t want to spend a penny to enjoy your favorite music, the choice is clear.

For the Family, both costs similar. That is $14.99 with a maximum people of six.


As far as preference as considered, I think it varies from device to device and person to person but you can experience both as Apple Music offers three months free subscriptions and Spotify has a free version with ads, so anyone can decide on his own.

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