Top 9 Instagram tips and hacks for iOS & Android (2021)

Apps Top 9 Instagram tips and hacks for iOS & Android (2021)

Instagram is one of the popular social media apps on the App Store and Play store. At first, when Instagram launches, it was very simple to use and it is one of the main reason for Instagram to be popular among people in its first launch.

However, like other competitors, Instagram had to keep on adding new features to stay ahead in the competition. Here you will find 10 interesting tips and tricks that Instagram added but most people don’t know about. 

9 Instagram tips, tricks, and hacks 

1. Delete Sent Message 

Did you know that you can actually delete a sent message? If you accidentally or wrongly sent a message to someone, you can actually unsend it. This will delete the message on both ends but make sure that you delete them before your friend sees it.  

Tap and hold the message you want to delete and you will get an option to unsend it. Tap it and the message will be deleted. It’s a simple tip but most of the people still don’t know it. I found this to be an important tip to consider so I added it.  

Unsend Messages on Instagram

2. Paste Images  

Everyone knows to upload images to Instagram either by opening the image and sharing it or by uploading it straight from the app.

But you can actually copy an image and paste it on Instagram. Pasting can be done as much as you want.

Depending upon your creativity, it will end up in a cool nice image. This works on iPhone as well as Andriod.

Bonus Tip – If you took a screenshot, it automatically gets added to Clipboard. So if you long press and tap clipboard, you will see the screenshots that you have taken recently. (Works on Andriod but not tested on iPhone)

3. Gradient text 

This instagram trick makes the text more attractive. Many have a habit of updating their story with “Good Morning”, “Good Night” or any kind of text-based story.

At basic, Instagram only allows you to upload text in a single color. But you can actually upload it in Multi-Color. Go to stories and type something as you would.

Gradient Text on Instagram

Now, long-press the text and select all. This will highlight all the text. Tap and long press any color circles from the bottom color tray. This will open a slider.

Don’t release the finger yet. Now drag the selector across the text and drag your finger across color slider at the same time. This will give you a Rainbow Color effect which is so-called to be a Gradient Text.

4. Shadow Text 

Another Instagram trick for text. This one’s really simple but makes the text more attractive as well. So, you’re going to just type a word and copy it. And then you basically just going to paste the text again.

So, now you have two versions of the text. You’re going to make one of them black, and then you’re just going to layer them on top of each other so it becomes a shadow-like text. Or, you can go reverse, you can go place the white text on top of other and it becomes shadow text. So, that’s a really simple little trick.

Shadow text on instagram

5.Photo Scheduler 

All the Instagram scheduler you have come across would most probably remind you to upload a photo. But the app “Apphi” will actually schedule a photo to post later. And stories can also be scheduled.

Open the app and tap “Schedule” and it will open a bunch of option. Tap photo library(tap stories if you want to schedule stories), select the photo you want to schedule, edit it as per your likes, tap next, write a caption, set the time and tap done to get it scheduled.

It has a bunch of features to try out. Check it out from the links below to know more. 


Note that this app is also available on the Web. 

You can download the app or visit the web version




6. Profile Picture 

Do you want to make your profile picture stand out from others? Here is a simple trick that will give you a professional look display picture. For this, you have to download an app called Canva.

This will add a border to your profile picture which will make it look cooler. It is easy to setup. Download the app from the links below. Open it and tap + icon. The “Instagram post” will already be selected by default, if not select it(where else it supports other social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc.).

And then tap the + icon again and tap the empty place and give access to your photos. It will display your pictures and select the one you wish to add a border. Tap the + icon again at the bottom right and choose “shape”.

Now choose the empty circle and adjust the circle to fill all the corners of the image(it will automatically fit when it hits the corner). You can adjust the transparency and color of your choice if needed. While uploading it on Instagram, adjust the picture for the best fit. 


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you can download by the link below



7. Instagram online creative Studio 

This trick is for desktop.did you know there is actually an Instagram online creative studio? All you need to do is  Just Google Facebook creative studio because Facebook owns Instagram or just vist this link

Sign in to Facebook and then right over top middle, you will see an Instagram icon. Click on it and here you’ll be able to see all your stats on your desktop which is really awesome.

So if you need to compile reports or anything like that this makes it super easy and not only can you see your insights of posts but you can also see extra analytics and information from your Instagram stories which are really helpful.

Instagram Online Creative Studio

8. Glowing Emoji’s 

This trick is for Emojis. It makes an emoji glow and attractive. so all you do is to select the emoji that you want then choose the color and from there change the font to neon.

Then just click done and you will see the glow around the emoji. You guys can see below what it looks like with neon glow and without neon glow so have some fun with this and change things as you need.

There are so many colors to choose from and you can also do this on all the emojis. Here is an example where I had a bit of fun with a whole bunch of different neon glows on different emojis.

Glowing Emojis

9. Delete Tagged Photos  

If someone tagged you in a pic that you don’t like. You can actually decide whether you want those pictures to show on your profile or not.

So if you head over to settings and tap privacy and tap tags. Under tags, you’ll see an option “Add Automatically” if you toggle it off, future tags will not be added automatically.

Tap “Hide photos and videos” and you can actually choose to remove the images that have been added by others just by selecting and tap the icon in the top right-hand corner.

Delete Tagged Photos
Can you delete a message you sent on Instagram?

Yes, you can delete a message you sent on Instagram.
Tap and hold the message you want to delete and you will get an option to unsend it. Tap it and the message will be deleted.

Does Instagram have online creator studio?

Yes, it does. To access it, you have to sign in to Facebook online creator studio and you will see an Instagram icon at the top middle to access the Instagram online creator studio

Can you remove tagged photos on Instagram?

Yes, you can. Go to settings –> Privacy –> Tags and tap ” Hide photos and videos”. Choose which photo to be removed and tap ok.

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