13 Hidden iPhone Tips & Tricks that Apple Won’t Tell You(2021)

iPhone 13 Hidden iPhone Tips & Tricks that Apple Won't Tell You(2021)

Did you get a brand new iPhone or you have an iPhone but wants to get most of it? This iPhone tips and tricks will help you to use your iPhone in a very efficient way possible. Some of these tips are new and some are less-known . These tips are constantly been updated after each release of iOS (If it contains any new iPhone tips and tricks).

13 useful secret iPhone tips and tricks 2020

1. Search tabs on Safari and more

If you have a lot of tabs opened in Safari and you want to open a particular tab, then this tip is really helpful to you. First, tap the tabs icon and then go along the way up to the end and you will see a search bar at the top.

Type the keywords you want to search and it will show the tabs that match the keyword. You can also long-press the cancel button and it will show an option to close the tabs the match the search keywords.

Reopen closed Safari Tabs :

  • If you accidentally close a tab, you can press and hold the “+” button to bring a list that contains few last closed tabs

Auto Close Safari tabs:

  • If you use safari a lot, you won’t probably close the tabs but just quit the safari itself. This will result in a junk of tabs opened throughout the time. To fix this, you can schedule the safari to close the tabs automatically.
  • Go to Settings -> Safari -> Close Tabs. You will be prompted to choose three options. Close the tabs after one day, one week, or one month. Tap your desired choice and the safari will close the tabs for you.

Bookmark all the tabs at once:

  • Just like closing all the tabs on safari, there is a cool trick to bookmark all the tabs at once. When you tap and hold the bookmark icon, it will bring more options. Now tap Add bookmarks for X tabs. This will create a folder within the safari and bookmark all the taps that are currently opened. All the tabs can also be opened at once.

2. Check Warranty and Apple Care status on settings.

Checking warranty and Apple Care status is done online by visiting Apple’s website and login. In iOS 12.2, Apple made it easier to check the status right in your iPhone, inside the settings app.

You just want to go to settings → General →  about. You can find two new sections. Apple Care if you have one and a limited warranty. You can easily check your status right here.

3. Share Screenshot quickly

Everyone who uses iPhones would probably know how to take a screenshot (if you’re new, Hold down the Power and volume down button to take a screenshot). One of the most common reasons to take a screenshot is to share it with someone.

After taking a screenshot, you tap on it and then tap the share sheet icon to share it or save it and then go into the photos app and share it. But you can just tap and hold the little preview image at the bottom to open the share sheet.

4. Accurate time schedule

This tip comes in handy if you would like to set the schedule to the exact time. Usually, the timer in the app only has the option to go with every 5 seconds. But tapping the timer twice (5, 10, 15-sec wheel) will switch the option to 1 sec from 5 sec.

Double-tapping again will bring it back to the 5-second wheel. This tip will be very useful if you want to set your schedule to the approximate time.

5. Finding similar songs on Apple music

Most of the people would probably know this tip. Finding similar songs in apple music is as simple as Spottily. You can just 3D touch a song and tap create a station. This will create a station with a number of songs that are similar to the one you have 3D touched.

6. Make speakers louder

This simple tweak will make the speakers sound louder than before. Tap settings →  Music → EQ and then find and tap “late night”. This EQ setting will make the speakers louder. This is a simple tip to make the speakers louder without harming it.

7. Quickly send the current location in iMessage

Sharing a location is very important from day to day life for most of the users. You can just simply share your location by typing “I’m at” and it will automatically shows  “ Current location” tab in the dictionary section. Tapping the current location will instantly share your location with your friend. This is at present a quick way to share your location.

8. Different Siri pronunciation

Do you know that you can make Siri pronounce your name differently rather than the default pronunciation? Its very simple. You can just ask her to pronounce your name the way you would like.

For example :

Alex  – “Siri, What’s my name? “

 Siri    – “Alex”

Alex   – “That’s not how you pronounce my name”

Siri     – “Could you say it again?”

Alex   – “Alex”

Siri     -“OK, thank you. Which pronunciation should I use? “

She will now list some pronunciation. You have an option to listen to each of them and choose the one which suits you the best.

9. Folder Notification

If a folder contains a lot of apps and notifications, this tip comes in handy. You don’t actually want to tap the folder and swipe left or right to see the notification of each app. You can just 3D touch the folder and it will list the app with notifications badges. This comes in handy for the people who use a lot of folders.

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10. Degree sign inside the keyboard

While sharing your temperature you must include the degree sign. Everyone knows that tapping and holding certain keys on the keyboard will bring more letters. Tapping and holding “ 0 “ will bring the degree sign. It is very useful while sharing a temperature. It is a quick and easy way to add a degree sign in your text.

Other keyboard tips :

  • Non-3d touch device – Tapping and holding the space key will covert the keyboard to a trackpad
  • 3D touch device – 3D touching anywhere on the keyboard will convert it to a trackpad and pressing even harder will select the text.

11. Fast forward

Everyone knows how to skip 25 sec of a video while playing in the safari. But you can actually fast forward it. Tap and hold the “skip 25-sec” bottom and it will fast forward like skipping 1 or 2 seconds. This tip works for Apple music too.

Tapping and holding the “play next song” button will fast forward the music.

12. Ping your lost device with a 3D touch

Pinging a device is helpful when you lost your device. Normally, pinging a device can be done by entering the app “Find my iPhone”. But you can actually ping your device very quickly and easily. 3D touching “find my iPhone” will bring a list of the device that has been connected to your iPhone.Tapping your lost device will ping it immediately.

13. Lower the brightness below 0%

This tip will allow you to lower the brightness and make your screen dimmer than apple actually allows. It will be very handy when you are in a pitch dark. All you need to do is to go settings → General → Accessibility → Display accommodation and tap Reduce white point.

This will bring a new control bar and set the bar to 100 %. Now lowering the brightness will make your screen dimmer than before.

Tip – You can ask Siri to increase the brightness if you’re stuck in low brightness without finding the brightness bar.

That’s it for iPhone tips and tricks 2020, you can also check out 8 best iPhone Games to kill time

I hope you have learned something new in this article. Let me know in the comments if you know something new that is not mentioned here. I will add it here with credit.

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